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Anfield Cemetery Priory Road Liverpool


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Opened in August 1863, Anfield Cemetery or Liverpool Cemetery as it was originally known, covers a 110 acre site on Priory Road, North Liverpool, adjacent to Stanley Park and sitting between the stadiums of the famous football clubs of Everton and Liverpool.

Such is the size and age of Anfield Cemetery that it is almost inevitable that it should reflect much of Liverpool's history and culture and there are many prominent and celebrated individuals buried within its boundaries from the fields of sport, entertainment, politics,  commerce and others of a certain notoriety. These include Jem Mace, generally recognised as the 'Father of Modern Boxing' and the  first Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World. Also, James Maybrick, a Liverpool Merchant, of whom many suspect to have been the real 'Jack the Ripper' of the famous Whitechapel Murders and Hugh McElroy, Chief Purser of the ill fated ship, the Titanic.

The list of illustrious persons to have found their final resting  place within Anfield could go on and as such Liverpool's Ranger  Service regularly provide guided tours of the site to those with  an interest in our local history. Indeed, in recognition of Anfield's historic value, in February 1986 English Heritage awarded Anfield Cemetery Grade II * Listed status.

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